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From Serbia

My name is Bojana Zlatković, I am 22 years old and I’m study journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš. I love the written word since I was a child and I have always been involved in writing. I was attracted to journalism for several reasons, but the main ones are about analytics, justice, freedom of expression. I believe that the job of a journalist is extremely responsible, no matter what area it was, because the media are the ones who shape the reality in which we live.



From Serbia

I am born in Serbia ( Leskovac ) and currently I live in Belgrade where I work as a  online journalist on the portal "Talas" and also I am student at The Faculty of Political Science. For some time I have been writing articles for the economic  magazine "Nova Ekonomija", "Krug" , "Youth Now".  I also finished my practical work in one of the biggest media in Serbia - Danas. I am interested in politics, marketing, social problems and investigative journalism.



From Montenegro

Dušan Pejaković is book author and social entrepreneur, coming from Podgorica (Montenegro). MSc in political science: he found himself mostly in the area of project management accompanied with equally strong role in the fields of journalism and literature. So far, he published 4 books, which earned him a numerous awards and accolades both on regional and international level. He creates on a multilingual basis and publishes his prose&poetry in English, Italian and Spanish. His works have been published in over 60 literary collections and anthologies, as well as in a few dozen of cultural magazines around the world. He is a freelance journalist and works as a correspondent for several online media outlets. He spent most of 2021 as a co-editor of the Agora24 web portal. Active participant in several prestigious journalistic training programs (Media for All, Balkans Voices Digital Media Program etc.



From Turkey

Hilal Numanoğlu is a Turkish national, who holds an MBA in Marketing from Zagreb School of Economics and Management. She is the co-founder and co-project manager of a social project titled “Migrapreneurs, which mainly aims to help third country national migrants in hosting EU countries to find a job or become an entrepreneur. 


Hilal has a true passion for writing! She is a short story writer with so many online and offline publications. She usually writes her fictional stories in Turkish. Her first fictional story book titled “Vitrin” is published recently in April 2022. Also in 2015, she took part as a co-author of joint short story book.


Hilal is passionate about content creation. She is interested in many different subjects, including artificial intelligence, NFTs, digital marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, etc.



From Montenegro

Master student at Faculty of political science - journalism.

I've been working for almost two years for the daily newspaper and portal "Vijesti" from Podgorica. Specialized in economy and business.

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From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born in 2002 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through education she gained a lot of experience in the non-governmental sector. Founder, member of the Youth Editorial Board İz mlade Zjenice, where she acquired the knowledge needed for TV journalism. Experienced in written journalism through the correspondence for youth magazines, and experienced in radio journalism through work at local radio stations. In addition to the mother tongue, Bosnian, she speaks fluent English and Turkish. Currently studying journalism at Istanbul University.



From Serbia

My name is Ugljesa. I’m 26 years old from Belgrade, Serbia. I have a Bachelor degree in Journalism. I currently work as a photographer and deputy photo editor at Frankfurtske Vesti daily newspaper. I’m very much interested in photojournalism and documentary photography because I believe in creating unique stories through the lens of my camera. Also, I’m an avid sport photographer and cover many current events in my home country.



From Albania

My first experience in media and journalism started in 2012 while volunteering in a digital platform for a non-governmental

organization in Albania. Later in 2013 until 2015, I worked as a Communication Officer and Online Community Radio for another organization. In 2014, I worked as a social media manager for a photocontest project, in which I enriched my skills and competences. At the same year, I pursued an internship on radio and radio-post production at the Media Active Center. Moreover, in 2016, I worked a thesis paper on Community Journalism to shape policies. I was focused on housing and environment issues. Lastly, in 2018, I worked for an international organization as a social media manager. Currently, I am a freelance blogger focused on human rights, housing, culture and education topics.



From Montenegro

Ena Pušija, rođena 13.03.2001.godine u Bijelom Polju, završila sam srednju Elektro - Ekonomsku školu, smjer Pravno-administrativni tehničar IV stepen, student sam Visoke škole za komunikacije Beograd.


Po završetku srednje škole zaposlila sam se u NVO "Multimedijal Montenegro" gdje radim već skoro dvije godine i asistent sam na nekim od projekata koji sprovodi NVO "MMNE".


Prije nego sam se zaposlila učestvovali sam u brojinim humanitarnim akcijama i povremeno radila promocije za Coca-Colu.

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