• Hilal Numanoğlu

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship ecosystem is growing tremendously for more than a few decades. Especially in the recent years, with the impact of global pandemic, more people opt for becoming entrepreneurs. Indeed, the impact of this pandemic has changed and is changing so many aspects in the job market, which paves the way for people to think of entrepreneurship activities. During the lockdowns, for instance, people all over the world, had plenty of time to rack their brains for new enterprises. No matter whether they are fresh graduates or employees in senior positions, many professionals start their entrepreneurial journeys nowadays.

Each entrepreneur has her/his own and unique story. In general, however, entrepreneurs start with an idea development process. This idea could emerge from a need that is not available in the market or could be an improvement for existing products/services. Ideation stage, alone, is not sufficient, as action is highly needed. Therefore, entrepreneurs constantly fine-tune their idea to have a Minimum Viable Product that exhibits the output they offer.

On the other hand, in today’s world “social” tags are gaining a huge attention among the public. Citizens of the world, companies and governments put social matters in their agendas. Corporates take concrete steps for being “socially responsible”, society is getting more aware about the social issues, businesses are dealing with sustainable solutions and states implement social policies for the sake of people and Mother Nature.

What is ‘social’ today?

Even though the tag “social” is extremely broad, it mainly encompasses environmental impact, inclusion of vulnerable groups, being eco-friendly and sustainable, protection of disadvantaged individuals, going green and so on. As a result, entrepreneurs also emphasize the importance of social matters while developing their entrepreneurial ideas. Hence, social entrepreneurship concept is rising and shining brighter than ever.

Turning back to another impact of the pandemic from the environmental perspective, the way people protected themselves from the virus by using disposable masks, plastic bottled hand sanitizers and plastic gloves, also increased the mass pollution. For that reason, it is time to think more about the sustainable solutions that could be developed by social entrepreneurs.

Considering all these facts, social entrepreneurial attempts are crucial for the sake of the planet and livelihoods. As people get informed and well-aware about the potential risks, more social initiatives are likely to emerge in the near future. And, eventually, this would be a win-win situation both for the entrepreneurs and the planet Earth.

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