From North Macedonia

Born in 1992. Participated in different trainings through her education. Has work experience as a youth worker, gives private lessons in English for children in primary school, and also has a lot of digital skills. Speaks fluent Macedonian and English. Excellent Leadership skills - gained experience as a youth leader in an international exchange. Good organisational skills- gained through organizing workshops and events on a local and national level.


From Turkey

Born in 1999. Studies Journalism and Sociology at Ankara University. Has working experience as a reporter at "GÖRÜNÜM NEWSPAPER". Speaks fluent Turkish. Also speaks English, Spanish and Bulgarian.


From Montenegro

Born in Pljevlja, 1990. Finished European Integrations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro, Podgorica. He is

a graduated specialist. He has working experience at ‘’RTV Montenegro’’ as Member of the Commission for TV programming in Albanian language and other languages of minority members in this country.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born in Kosovo. Studies Digital communications at International Burch University. Has working experience in marketing as a

promoter, seller and retailer.


From Turkey

Born in 1997. Studies Journalism at Ankara University - Faculty of Communication. Has working experience as professional

photographer. Attended workshops such as "Journalism in a Changing World" and was trained in news writing. Also attended workshops on judiciary, women and peace journalism. Worked as a volunteer photographer and reporter in the media workshop that was held in cooperation with the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities and Ankara University Faculty of Communication. Her products appeared in the magazine published at the end of the workshop. Speaks fluent Turkish and English.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Studies Digital Communications and Public Relations at International Burch University. Has professional skills in Social Media Management and Content production. Instagram page editor and twitter page editor. Speaks Bosnian, English and German.


From Montenegro

Born in 1992. Graduated in Journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Podgorica. Works at ‘’RTV Teuta’’ as a journalist and

TV host. Speaks English, German and Albanian.


From Albania

Finished Engineering Physics at Polytechnic University of Tirana (Bachelor and Master degree). Has working experience as Executive

Research & Database Administrator, Language Interpreter & Translator, Business Development Manager & Youth Activist etc. Speaks Albanian, English, Italian and German.


From North Macedonia

Studied at the Faculty of Law in Skopje. Has working experience as Investigative Journalist. Attended different types of seminars and workshops. Speaks Macedonian, English, Serbian and German.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Studies International Relations and European Studies at International Burch University. Has working experience as Political

Journalist at Mediacentar Sarajevo. Speaks Bosnian and English.


From Kosovo* (under UNSCR 1244)

Graduated lawyer at the University of Prizren. Has working experience at writing research articles ‘’Kosova Live News Agency’’, also as professional intern at Basic Court in Prizren. Speaks Albanian, English, German, Turkish, Serbian.


From North Macedonia

Graduated in Marketing – Management at European University in Skopje. Has professional skills in Project Writing & Implementation, Broadcast Journalism, Event Management, Production of TV & Radio Programs, Intercultural Skills - Video/Sound Editing, Customer Service. Speaks English, Serbian and Danish.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faculty of Human Sciences, Digital Communication and Public Relations at International Burch University. Has

work experience as Sales Exhibitor, Call and Centre Agent. Speaks Arabic, English and Bosnian.


From Serbia

News reporter at the Beta News Agency, responsible for coverage of state politics and social movements in Serbia. He is a student at the

University of Belgrade and attended Journalist’s Association of the Serbia School of Journalism and Business Info Group’s School of Economic Journalism.


From North Macedonia

Adrian is a journalist for the National Television Alsat M in Skopje, North Macedonia. Throughout his bachelor’s degree in journalism, Adrian worked for several

news outlets and news companies, including Time Out, Albnews and USAID, a media fact checking service. In November 2019, he participated in the Balkan media Caravan with journalists from North Macedonia, B&H, Serbia and Montenegro. For two years Adrian has been a coordinator of NHK Japanese Broadcasting Television in the Western Balkans and he arranges interviews, vox pop, stories and investigations.


From Montenegro

Jelena is a journalist from Montenegro who has worked in printed media, but also as a multimedia and online journalist for several news outlets, such as Daily

Press Vijesti, She is also an active member of Deutsche Welle Balkan Booster project since 2018. She was an intern in Centre for civic education in sectors “Active citizenship” and “Human Rights”. She wrote an article for the "European pulse" about Free Access to Information Law - "Access to information exceptions, secrecy as rule". In addition, she participated in an International Humanitarian Education Camp called “Youth on the move” and volunteered for the Red Cross Youth Club in Niksic. She is part of the Society of Professional Journalists in Montenegro. She graduated from the University of Montenegro, Journalism, Faculty of Political Science.


From North Macedonia

Born in 1995. Finished Faculty of Economics Prilep, Department of Accounting, Finance and Auditing – Prilep. Has working experience as project assistant in youth council, Prilep. Attended different types of trainings. Has digital skills and organizational skills. Preparing modules for holding workshops with youth, as well as trainings within the project "Empowering young people through new opportunities" | SOS Children's Village Macedonia.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bsc in Agricultural Economics and rural development. Master in agribusiness, Faculty of agriculture. Journalist at, reporting and text creation, mostly on marginalized groups and human rights, text editing, editing Instagram.


From Albania

My first experience in media and journalism started in 2012 while volunteering in a digital platform for a non-governmental

organization in Albania. Later in 2013 until 2015, I worked as a Communication Officer and Online Community Radio for another organization. In 2014, I worked as a social media manager for a photocontest project, in which I enriched my skills and competences. At the same year, I pursued an internship on radio and radio-post production at the Media Active Center. Moreover, in 2016, I worked a thesis paper on Community Journalism to shape policies. I was focused on housing and environment issues. Lastly, in 2018, I worked for an international organization as a social media manager. Currently, I am a freelance blogger focused on human rights, housing, culture and education topics.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Elma was born and currently lives in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Sarajevo Faculty of Law and holds a master's degree in International Criminal Law. As a part of her daily work, she is conscious about finding relevant news and information needed to report on the protection of basic human rights.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Studied and received a MA degree in Security and Peace studies. Currently working as a freelance author and writer of short stories, with or without historical accuracy. Currently in the process of writing short stories about life in Sarajevo from Olympic games to early 2000's.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born in Banja Luka, 23.07.1998. She was employed for 15 months as a program worker in the Association for the Promotion and Education of Roma "Otaharin" Bijelina through the project "Young Roma Men and Women for Law and Inclusion", and worked at the Center for Social Work in the archives in Prnjavor.